Editing Figure & Caption style

I am currently using EndNote to insert my figures and captions to make formatting everything a lot easier, but I cannot find any way to customise the style similar to the Bibliography page. Whenever I insert a figure and its caption it always left justifies everything and the caption is italised, grey in font colour and size 9 font.

Is it possible to change these settings somewhere? Under the ‘Style Editor’ in EndNote the Figure options are very limited and when I go to the ‘Layout’ option in Word it only changes the Bibliography settings and not the captions.

I have attached an image showing what my Figures/Captions look like.

I highly recommend not using Endnote for this.  It was a feature that was introduced, but the word abilities to handle captioning etc is far more adjustable.  It is my understanding that, since there were very few people that used it, they did not continue to improve this feature, and left it in place the way it was, for those users that did use it.  No there is no similar way to adjust the formating thru endnote.  You might be able to use word styles to edit it?  I am not sure what style endnote applies to the “captions” it inserts, but if you edit/modify that style, you might be able to “apply” something to them all?  

Thank you! Changing the caption style seems to have worked. Though as you said it is much easier insert and format captions in Word so I may go back and reinsert my images.