HowTo insert Figures from Endnote !

Hi All,

I have worked with endnote X quite a while, now I had to switch to endnote X3. I’m writing up my thesis atm and have my figures inside endnote.

Today I discoverd that endnote and word (2003) have difficulties to understand each other ! I recently merged my libraries in to one because I couldn’t insert any reference while my illustrations and my reference library was open.

With one library open everything was fine.

Now as I have merged them I can add references easily, but inserting Figures is just a mess. Sometimes it does work, sometimes it randomly replaces text passage, sometimes the numbering is completely off.

So I had to switch back to the cross referencing Word does.

Is there any known problem with that ?

Cheers Peter 

It may be easier to remove the figure captions stored in the EndNote references and use MS Word instead to insert the captions for you.  If the captions are done in MS Word, it’ll be easier to generate a final list of figures which display the page numbers corresponding to each figure appearing in your thesis.  Moreover, you can easily update the list along with the page numbers later if you happen to rewrite sections of your thesis which in turn affects the figures’ pagination.

You could still  use EndNote to insert the figures but then switch to MS Word for captioning.