Inserting a figure and caption. On a mac with word 2011

Hello there,

Im having some dramas trying to insert a figure and caption into a word document. Both my wife and I have had a go, but no luck. We have followed instructions but it does not find the figure at all. i can insert a citation from the selected reference but it will not find the figure in in the search dialog. It is almost as though word is not connected to my library correctly. I am searching through endnote within word though.

I only recently installed endnote onto my mac air so am very new to this endnote gig.



I might add I have an assignment due in 24 hours that would be so much easier if I could get endnote to function properly. Would serously appreciate some help with this issue. I have had so much grief trying to this system up and running and I hope this is the final hurdle!

Thanks in advance.


I NEVER use the Endnote facility to insert a figure. 

You want to use the Word tools to do this.  Make the image a .png, Insert it, format and right click - add caption, and paste in or type your figure title. (and I have my Caption style in Word, set up so the next paragraph has a legend assignment, which is a smaller type.  This isn’t simple, but worth sorting out.  It is also why endnote really couldn’t impliment it properly.  it is too complicated and changes with each new version of word. 

@leanne wrote:

I NEVER use the Endnote facility to insert a figure. 

Ditto for me as well. I may use EndNote to store and insert figures (without captions) but use MS Word for captioning - and the same goes for working with tables. MS Word also makes it easy to generate List of Figures  (or List of Tables) with correct page numbers.

For information on captioning in MS Word, locate the Microsoft Word Help icon and type “figure caption” in the search box.

Thanks for your help folks!