citing only one group of references

I am an experienced ref manager user but novice with end note.

Libraries in endnote seems to be designed as global (with groups) instead of keeping one library by theme.

But when I want to write and cite (in word) I would like to “filter” the references to be cited and look for the references in a group only. It si possible? (in pop up window for insert cite in word plugin, I insert name o year etc, but the entire database are searcheable, and I want to restrict the “search” to a group or groups)

When I used Ref Manager each “group” was in one archive (.rmd database). And I can control wich archives are opened and the word plug-in only search in the opened archives. But now all the groups are in the same archive (library) with 10.000 references or more (typing the author name or year o words are not enought to find easly the reference I want to cite -40-100 results arose most of times-)