Adding "(ed)" and "In" to display for Book Sections

I’m helping a student finish up an article and we’re having difficulty having (ed) and In displayed in the bibliography.

Here is a sample of the citation:

Nash, D. R. and Boomsma, J. J. (2008). Communication between hosts and social parasites. [] D’Ettorre, P. and Hughes, D.P. [] Sociobiology of communication an interdisciplinary approach: 55-79.

I’ve put brackets around where this information is missing.  The student has created their own output style given that a dedicated output style for the Journal of Insect Behavior does not exist.  All the necessary information is in the record, the problem is that this additional information is not displaying.


If the editor names are stored in the EndNote “Editor” field then the bibliography template (Book Section) should be modified by adding the following segment. Note that the asterick represents inserting the “Link Adjacent Text” field; and the vertical bar represents inserting the “Forced Separation” field.


And if you attach the current style, we can help by editing it quickly.  You also need to insert the “In” with spaces and punctuation. 

|In*Book Title|: Pages.

Then Save this (can keep the same name in this instance) and reformat/update (depending on Endnote and Word Versions). 


This looks good.  Will give it a try




Thanks this looks excatly what I was looking for.

again thanks