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I am working on my dissertation with EndNote x3.  I have made some changes to citations and references in the document, reference list and within the EndNote library.  I have manually made the necessary changes as well and clicking the update button on EndNote.  The changes do not stay once I have closed the document.  What am I doing wrong or what do I need to do to make the changes stay?

How are you editing the citation/reference? If you’re by-passing the Edit Citation option and manually typing in the changes, the changes won’t “stick” even if the document is saved.

Changes to a citation should be performed using the "Edit Citation feature. (Place your cursor on a citation then right-click to display the submenu then select “Edit Citations” then select one of the editing options).  The Citation editor also allows editing the original reference if you need to make an adjustment there, too.

I tried that, but the “edit citations” window only gives a few choices for how to edit the citation. In this case, for example, I want to include the author’s name, but edit citations has no option for that. How can I edit a citation in a way that I want?

So are you saying that when you generate an in-text citation it doesn’t automatically include the author’s name?  What is displayed when you try to generate an in-text citation?

If the author’s name does not appear then it sounds like the problem might be that the Citation template may not be set-up to display the author’s name.  Can you check the template to see if the Author field is included (refer to attached image for an example based on the APA 6th output style template).

To access the Citation template setting go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [name of the style you’re using].  Then in the style’s dialog box locate “Citations” in the left column then click on Templates.


Keep in mind that manual changes made to the formatted citations and reference list will be overwritten by EndNote. See the following article for details:


If you have made changes to your EndNote library and they have not been reflected in your document, see the following article:


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Give an example of what you are trying to achieve, and we might be able to make some suggestions, but Crazy’s point is correct, you should be seeing the authors name in the citation!