Editing the Reference Input Screen

I just installed X5, and am starting to work through the “Getting Started.”  I started before a couple years back but family issues got me derailed. I thought I had gotten a pretty good start in using EndNote, but it seems that I’m starting all over again, so here goes!

The input screen on X5 has many fields that I will not need.  Is there a way to turn fields on/off once Instead Of figure out which I will need?  Also, it seems that the input form is a “one size fits all.”  Is that true?  Is it the same input screen regardless of the type of reference – book, web site etc.?  If so, then I would need to leave fields in for say, web pages, even though what I was then entering was a periodical?  Does EN then go through this one form and pick out what it needs for a given reference type?

The fields available will differ depending on Reference Type. You can modify the Reference Type information. To do this, click on the Edit (or EndNote menu on the Mac) and select Preferences. Click on Reference Types and then select Modify Reference Types. Here you can select the appropriate Reference Type from the drop-down menu and modify the fields available. Only those fields with a label will appear.

That should work.  Thanks Jason.