Electronic articles and books

In my references, my electronic books and articles keep repeating the Retrieved from and web address twice.  

This forum won’t let me post a msg with an example, sorry. 

I only list the website where I got the info once in the reference input section.  I have also gone into the Output style section, but nothing seems wrong. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Thank you in advance! 


Could you provide/attach your output style  and a  screenshot showing how you entered the information into the reference’s fields?

Thank you for helping me.  It’s much appreciated!

 I hope that you can see the details in the pics.

Thanks for the screenshot. The problem is probably in your output style’s bibliography template. Could you attach your output style file?

Thank you.

Thanks for the screenshot of the bibliography templates. Could you also send a screenshot of the bibliography “Field Substitutions” showing the settings?

Hope this is what you mean.

No, this last screenshot is of the Field Substitutions for the footnotes section. Could you provide a screenshot of the bibliography Field Substitutions.

And what is the name of output style files you’re using ?

Ok, here it is. Sorry about that. By output style — do you mean APA — electronic book…

Not a problem. Thanks for the screenshot of the bibliography Field Substitutions and identifying your output style file which helped to identify why you’re getting the duplicate “Retrieved from URL” phrase. It’s because your electronic book reference does not have a DOI, so in its absence the  bibliography Field Substitutions is substituting the URL (“retrieved from” phrase) in the bibliography reference.

To prevent the duplicate phrase from appearing you could either:  1) just uncheck the field substitutions for “If the DOI field is empty”, or 2) delete the “Retrieved from URL” text in the text box. (See attached image.) You will need to decide which solution is better suited for serving other references with/without DOIs.


 Note: when you modify the output style  changes will be saved  to new file  named APA  6th Copy  so .change your Word  setting  to use the new  output style file  in order for the changes to take effect . 

Yay, it worked! Thank you so much for your time and effort! It was much appreciated-- have a lovely night/day!


Glad the issue is resolved. Best, CG