"Retrieved From" in front of some dois in Reference List

Hi there,

I am wondering if someone can help with this.  I am using Endnote 8 for Mac, APA 6th style.  In my Reference List, sometimes Endnote is writing “Retrieved from” in front of the doi number, and other times it is not.  I would like it to not have this at all anywhere but can’t find a reason for it writing this.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you!


Again, the appearance of the text is defined in the output style bibliography template for each ref type.  So when I look at the APA style, I see the retrieved from text in electronic books and articles, but not in the journal template.  Also, if there is sometimes a URL and other times a DOI there is a substitution option so that you generate only one or the other with the appropriate preceding text, as you like.  

Editing output styles is worth learning, but if you specify what you need changed, other users here can sometimes help.

Here is a link where you can download the Editing guide to have a go!: