EN web/CWYW Style doesn't match journal requirements

Hi there,

As I am no longer currently affiliated with an institution I am using CWYW and EN Web to edit a paper to submit to a journal. However none of the styles available match the journal (Cambridge Core Global Mental Health). It requires Harvard in the following format: 

Smith JS  (2014). A review of resources for mental health in Africa. Global Mental Health  1 , e17.

The closest I can get after trying all of the Harvards available is TF-X Harvard which still has a number of differences: Commas in citations, periods in author initials, won’t allow me to change authors to bold. 

Can anyone advise one that is closer? If I could find one that is slightly closer then I could disable field codes at the end and do some of it manually eg put author names in bold.

As far as I’m aware it’s not possible to modify endnote styles with EN web.

Please help!


Due to the great variety of style variations (why don’t they all settle on 4 or 5!) it is extremely hard to identify the closest variation to your requirements in the basic web version. 

There is a set of styles in this thread: https://community.endnote.com/t5/EndNote-Styles-Filters-and/Style-templates-collection/m-p/137470#M13996

which can help.  I looked thru them, and found Plant Physiology was a close match to the journal requirements in the link below.  didn’t inspect every single character, and still some punctuation differences.  I have been known to submit and the publishers usually have an in house tool to alter the minor flaws.  

One trick (but it will only work once per upgrade cycle) is to download the newest version of EndnoteX9 for the free month trial, and continue to edit your output style as required.  

https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/global-mental-health/information/instructions-contributors provides the criteria and make no note of similar journal styles.  

Thanks very much Leanne - I will look at these.

Unfortunately I have already used up my free trial a couple of years ago!


Looks like plant physiology should work - is it possible to download these styles using only CWYW? Or should it already be on there? It seems like it is only possible to download them when you have the desktop version.

Having some difficulty with CWYM so can’t check.



I think that one was visible to me in the online version, but not sure how that list is created.  I was only looking at the ones I thought appeared in my endnote basic version.