How to email multiple PDF docs?


New user, X6, great program for my medical refs, like to email colleagues occasional pdfs, but seem only to be send one at a time (so if 6 pdfs to send, have to send 6 emails). Can this be done? New laptop, Windows 7, Outlook 2010


The first question is is it legal? What are the copyright restrictions on the documents you are planning to share? Do they allow sharing?

It is most likely illegal if your colleagues are in different institutions.

There are 2 ways you could share multiple PDFs:

  1. If your PDFs are stored in your EndNote library, you could simply compress your library and email the compressed library.
  2. Right click on a folder of PDFs, select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder and email the compressed folder.


Thanks for getting in touch.

For personal use only for colleagues within our dept (who also can access via Institutional Subscription), so I don’t think issues re copyright (although your point is well made)

Is possible to email compressed collection of pdfs, but just wondering why nothing slicker so could be done within the program. Otherwise have to delve into pdf folder of nearly 2000 refs and dig out the 10 I need, collect them together in a separate folder and then compress.

Not a major issue, rather a nuisance! Thanks for your suggestions.

All you have to do, (depending on your version though and assuming your colleague has endnote) is collect the ones you want to share in a group,  and just export/compress that group. 

Thanks for a solution to a problem I am also having.  How does one export in a way that includes the PDF files.  My exports always result in a text/rtf/html file.

I’m using relative links.

I really appreciate any help!  


The way you want to “export” a part or the whole of your library, isn’t really thru the “export” – it is thru the file>Compress dialog. 

I am about to post a small AppleScript on this board that can help with this.  Since it is also useful for other things, I’m giving it its own thread.  But, you might look and see if it will be useful to you.

The post will be called “AppleScript to flag PDF for export, emailing, etc.”

to do something like this you need a lot of space in your email 

<a href=»” >more space in mail</a>