En dashes instead of hyphens in ranges

Most journals use en dashes (–) instead of hyphens (-) in ranges. This includes ranges of reference numbers and page number ranges of references. So I suggest (1) in Output Styles->Page Numbers and (2) in Output Styles->Citations->Numbering (if the user checks “Use ranges for consecutive citations (e.g. 1-3 or 1a-f)”), there should be an additional checkbox option to convert hyphens to en dashes.

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I can only second this suggestion, which could be extended to typographical quotation marks. Furthermore, there should be a dialog box where the language of quotation marks could be selected (e.g., British or American, French, German). Using EndNote for documents that are not in English is not especially easy, because new output styles have to be created to take peculiarities into account.

There should also be an easy option to change italics to underline for titles on the fly, i…e, without having to modify an output style or create a new one; some editors or publishers require that files be submitted with underlined rather than italicized titles.

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I would like to revive this topic since the suggestions made in the two posts are still very much needed improvements for which the EndNote staff has not offered any reaction.

With regard to typographic quotation marks, I see at

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word-help/change-curly-quotes-to-straight-quotes-and-vice-versa-HP005190124.aspx that straight quotes can be changed to curly ones (and conversely), but my experiments show that this is possible only if you have an English version of Word. If you use, say, a French version, replacing " with " will change marks to «…» rather than “…”; this means that one needs to replace the opening and closing marks in separate passes, entering the correct characters in the “Replace with” box.

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Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed in EndNote X8? 


Probably not (although I have yet upgraded to x8) In my experience, publishing houses really do have the software to convert to the inhouse style for these typographical marks.  It doesn’t have to be accomplished by Endnote.  I haven’t ever had a paper rejected for typographical marks like these.  

I agree that copy editors will take care of changing hyphens for en dashes, but it would be a very nice feature for those who need to prepare camera-ready copy. The lack of proper apostrophes and quotation marks is also a problem with most (if not all) database software when it comes to typography.