EN-X is making 1 reference out of 3!

When switching between output styles, I find several references becoming one.

For example, in the author date style I have;

Diffusion(Nie, Chiu et al. 1994; Xie and Dunn 1994; Kubitscheck, Wedekind et al. 1998)

and in the bibliography:

Kubitscheck, U., P. Wedekind, et al. (1998). “Three-dimensional diffusion measurements by scanning microphotolysis.” Journal of Microscopy-Oxford 192 : 126-138.

Nie, S. M., D. T. Chiu, et al. (1994). “Probing Individual Molecules with Confocal Fluorescence Microscopy.” Science 266 (5187): 1018-1021.

Xie, X. S. and R. C. Dunn (1994). “Probing Single-Molecule Dynamics.” Science 265 (5170): 361-364.

Clearly separate references, as they are.

The problem arrises when I switch to another output;


All of a sudden those three references became one!  Looking at the bibliography;

^4 S. M. Nie, D. T. Chiu, and R. N. Zare, Science 266 (5187), 1018 (1994); X. S. Xie and R. C. Dunn, Science 265 (5170), 361 (1994); U. Kubitscheck, P. Wedekind, and R. Peters, Journal of Microscopy-Oxford 192 , 126 (1998).

They’re all in one reference.

The worse thing is it does it sporadically.  In most cases it works, changing;

localized.(Cheezum, Walker et al. 2001; Thompson, Larson et al. 2002; Yildiz and Selvin 2005; Rust, Bates et al. 2006; Serge, Bertaux et al. 2008)



But there are these few instances in which it errs, which I would really like to resolve.

I’ve tried removing all the references, saving as a new document, closing word and EN.  Then opening and re-referencing everything, but that did not solve the problem.

I’m trying to format using the J. Chemical Physics output style.

Okay, I poked around and figured it out - it always works like this, go figure!


Go to Edit → Output syles → Edit “J. Chemical Physics”

Find Citations → Numbering

Uncheck the box labeled “Use one number for references always cited together”

Hope this helps someone else at the least.

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