Pathological concatenation of different references into combined citations

     There is a catastrophe when I format the bibliography in a grant application that I’m working on (with a submission deadline 2 days from now).  When multiple references are cited in place in the document, it combines some of them into the same citation when formating the bibliography.  For example, the first citation in the doc is to 7 difference journal articles.  The program combines these into 3 citations, each containing 2-3 of the articles just concatenated together.  My master doc contains unlinked tags delimited by curved brackets. I’ve tried having the multiple references combined into a single bracket, delimited by a semicolon, or separating them all into different curly brackets, but the output is the same.

     I’m running EN X1 with Office 2008 on Mac OS 10.5.

     This is an emergency!  Thanks for any help you can provide.

At least in the non-web version, this is a style setting, under the numbering in the citations section. Edit output style, numbering, and untick the grouping box.