EN X5 and Ubuntu 11.04 and MS Office 2007. It works!!!

According to P. Travis :  ( 2008)

1) There is no Linux version of EndNote, there are only Macintosh and Windows versions.

2) While it is possible to run EndNote on Linux using WINE, this is not a supported way to run EndNote and Thomson Reuters will not be able to provide technical support.

3) You will not be able to use Cite While You Write with Open Office.

3 years  later! 

the CWYW extension works with Word 2007 pro. But it is only inserted.

 - TRENSOFTY  installed at first EN X5 full version on Optiplex SX 280 (Dell)  with Ubuntu 11.04  and Wine 1.3.15. After the installation of MS Office Pro 2007, the EN X5 extension appears immediatly when Word 2007 pro was started.

Screenshot 5 shows the extension. However the connection with EN X5 in Word 2007 doesn 't work and yields this curious notice  :

(Translated : No source of error avaible! )

  •  A part of text is still missed with Ubuntu 11.04

  • Concerning Libre Office and Ubuntu 11.04 as O.S. : The oxt extension can be found (see screenshot 2) but according to P. Travis and my late findings (see my post) it is not possible to insert and activate the CWYW extension. 

More infos in due course.