EndNote X4 and Ubuntu 10.10 and Trial Version. It works with Wine 1.3.13 !!

Hello Linux users, please download the new WINE 1.3.13 !!

With Wine 1.2.2 it was not possible to install the  EN X4 trial version with valid key on Ubuntu 10.10.

After the release of WINE 1.3.13 yesterday, I downloaded it and installed it (Direct from browser or after:

To install Wine open a Terminal window (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and copy+paste the following lines:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine1.3).

This new Wine release has new tools for creating MSI installers.

The wine installation happened problemless. (Screenshot 23).

After a new start of Ubuntu, EN X4 was installed without uninstallation of EN X3. 

Screenshot  20 shows the beginning of the installation. At the end of the installation, Ubuntu 10.10 was new started .

EN X3 has disappeared and only EN X4 can be seen in Wine folde r. Configure EN X4  started successfully too. Please note that it is a test concerning the start of the configuration files. Word Office is not installed in Wine  folder.

(Screenshot 26)

As previously described, the oxt file for LibreOffice Extension manager  doesn 't work here.

Test with another distros  (Like Suse 11.3 rel. 6 , PC linux OS  a.s.o…)  in due course.


I just install wine 1.3 and ran the update to endnote 4.0.2 in Ubuntu 10.10 with the Wine PPA added to my repos. I also ran the 2 winetricks commands you said to run but now I cannot open endnote.  WhenI clikc on it it opens in the menu bar but nothing happens and eventually the menu entry goes away.

I was hoping you might have some ideas.

With Wine1.2 and Endnote X4 it opened but some of the text didn’t display properly.

Thanks very much,


Dear Lyle,

Have you bought the the EN X4 without patches or with patches?

I used the commercial ENX4 version bought last year.

With Wine 1.3.13 you can only install the ENX4 version  without Patches  14.01 and 14.02. These are for windows programms (e.g. Word 2010…) and the updates don’t work  with linux. I send you tomorrow some screenshots about this aspect.

If you read my previous messages with screenshots, you can see the missing text parts too. The same occurs with the new Suse 11 and other linux distros.

With EN X2 the text can be seen but not with ENX3 and X4.

With best regards


I probably should have posted in this thread:


I followed those instructions…

Dear Lyle,

i posted the following message last month :

EN X2, EN X3 , EN X4 and Word 2007 Pro Plus and Ubuntu 10.10. It works without CWYW ! 


02-08-2011 07:05 PM

J.Ryan wroted 2009:

"There are no plans to create a Linux version of EndNote. Our Web-based
bibliographic tool, WriteNote, works through a Web browser on all
platforms - including Linux.

We do hear requests for CWYW plug-ins for many different word processors
fairly often and we would love to be able to accommodate this - but this
is just not economically feasible. The MS Word CWYW plug-in is over 1
million lines of C++ code that would need to be heavily customized, and
tested for each application. We just do not have the staff bandwidth to
do this for all [or even some] of the other popular word processors."


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EN X2 and Wine 1.3.13

At this time and with the new WINE 1.3.13, one can see that the version EN X3 and X4 are slight, slight shoddy programmed. Why?

I received an EN X2 upgrade as generous gift from Thomson Reuters for my ENX2 beta testing several years ago.

This version shows all the texts (Screenshot 32) with Ubuntu10.10. The same screenshot was obtained 2009 with

Ubuntu 8 and 9.

According to my previous messages, the text disappeared when the EN X3 e.g. X4 are installed.

Perhaps Ryan et al. can answer!

Word Office 2007 Pro Plus and EN X4

 I desinstalled EN X4 and installed Word Office 2007 Pro Plus with Wine 1.3.13 and Ubuntu 10.10.

The installation was problemless. A very interesting feature appeared after the installation of EN X4. The extension EN

X4 icon appeared as add-in in Word 2007 but yielded a severe error (Screenshot 29 in German) and Word 2007 crashed  (translation of the screenshot : The CWYW add-in must be desactivated). After desactivation, Word started correctly.

Another interesting feature concerning the configuration of Wine 1.3.13:

If you select the  riched20.dll  and install it in Wine, your PowerPoint will run correctly but EN X4 and other versions cannot be started!!!

Please NO INSTALLATION  of this library!

Dear Lyle alias SOrce,

you say in your last message that you followed this instructions:

I followed those instructions…


The cited URL  http://ts.lithium… uses the winetricks riched20. Your first enquiry corroborated my own findings:

you must uninstall the riched20 and,  if installed,  the riched30. After a new start of Ubuntu ,  EndNote X4 will start problemless. If you need help for the uninstallation of these DLL,  please tell me.

With best regards