EN7 moved certain keywords to DOI field upon import of text file

Earlier this week I found it necessary to change the folder in which 2000 PDFs were stored.  In order to maintain the links to the PDFs, I exported the references in RIS format to Microsoft WORD.  Then I used “Find and Replace” to substitute the new folder name for the old one (the drive addresses were maintained).  I saved the file.  In EN7, I deleted the pertinent references, then imported the text file into my library.  All seemed well.

Then I noticed that some of the references had a mixture of full and partial keywords in the DOI field.  Those keywords were missing from the Keywords field. I checked the source WORD file and the keywords were where they were supposed to be, in the Keywords field, not in the DOI field.

Here is the interesting thing.  EN7 (Windows 7) took all the keywords located between any two starting with  the letters “OI” and moved them to the DOI field (get it? the D"OI" field?).  So consecutive keywords like OIL, SEA OTTER, ENHYDRA LUTRIS, REHABILITATION, OILING, OIL SPILL were transposed to the DOI field where they appeared as: L, SEA OTTER, ENHYDRA LUTRIS, REHABILITATION, LING, L SPILL.  The L, LING, and L SPILL each appeared on a separate line; the others were placed into a single line.  Clearly, EN7 mistook the starting letters of “oil” as the “OI” in DOI.

I thought I might be able delete the references that I imported and reimport them from the WORD file, after deleting all of the “DOI” fields, except there were no DOI (or “DO” in RIS format) fields for the affected references (none had associated DOI numbers entered). Also, I’ve spent a fair number of hours accuracy checking many of the references, and I hate to lose that work.  The alternative is to edit all 384 affected references by deleting the errant keywords in the DOI fields and re-entering them in the keywords fields, one at a time, one reference at a time.

Any ideas of what to do?  And how to prevent it from happening again?

Which import filter did you use and can you attach it along with a sample of your text file?