Problem importing keywords intact from EndNote 7 into Ref Man 12

When I import records from EN7 into RM12, most fields import OK. (I am using RefMan (RIS) Export.ens as my export filter and RIS.cap as my import filter.) However, keywords in EN7, no matter how they are delimited, tend to import as one giant keyword in RM12, one that is often truncated at that due to its length. As a result I have to manually separate out each keyword in the indiviual record, and then when I am done with all of the citations I have to clean up the Keyword list in Term Manager. I am working with over a hundred EN libraries so this is turning into a major time comittment. Is there a way to import so that i do not run into this problem? Any side effects to that solution?

Update: I’ve found a partial way around this problem. This requires me to have both EndNote and RefMan open at the same time. If I copy the keywords from the EndNote citation and paste them into the RefMan reference in the Notes field, it automatically updates the Keywords field from the Term list - mostly. I still have to add new terms that are not in the Term list. Essentially the more citations I add the greater the list of Terms already in the bank. This is a functional, if clunky, solution. If anyone knows of another way that solves my initial problem, please let me know.

What format is the file in that you are importing? If it is in RIS format, the keyword field is tagged with "KW  - " in front of the first keyword. Dunno if this will be better or wrose then your workaround but if you edit your text file and place this tag in front of each keyword before importing that should solve the problem.

Thanks - I tried this with the most recent exported file, and it worked. It’s still a bit time-consuming, but it might be the best that can be managed. Thanks for your help!