Output bibliography template wierdness

I’m using Endnote X8.0.2 (Bld 10858)

I like to include the DOI in references. 

But I’ve been having problems making it say eg [DOI: 10.1136/bmj.j3289]. The problem seems to be that when I put the letters DOI in it interprets them as the field.

To be specific, the Journal output style I’ve been using looks like this (without the little diamonds which don’t seem to appear when I copy into this box):

Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages  PMID: Accession Number| DOI: DOI|  (URL)|.

Now, according to what I can make out, if you add a ` before the “DOI”, it should treat it as text, not as the field, so I tried using 

Author. Title. Journal Year|;Volume|(Issue)|:Pages  PMID: Accession Number| `DOI: DOI|  (URL)|.

Wierdly, when I did that, and saved it, all of my references then said "DOI: DOI (URL) - both of the following fields were converted to text, rather than fields. 

I couldn’t seem to change it back without first adding an unwanted field, saving, reopening to edit again, removing the surplus field, and saving again.

(In a previous version of the template I had the DOI field in square brackets, but I lost these at some point when it saved.)

This all strikes me as extremely wierd, and I don’t suppose it’s supposed to work like this.

Any suggestions?

What is going on? 

In this case since the field is called DOI but you want the text DOI to appear as well then you have to tell EndNote that you want the text and not the field by using the DOI around the text on the keyboard it is the key with the ~ in the upper left of the keyboard it is called an Accent Grave.

You can find this and more information in the Style Guide in our Knowledgebase:


See Page 37 of the guide.