End note 6.02 and 7.01 crash in MAC OS 10.9 with CWYW

I have a new mac laptop with OS 10.9. I have word 2011 and End Note 6.02 and 7.01. As soon as you open word you get the dialogue box stating that it cannot access visual basic. The problem I have isolated down to the end note CWYW bundle that is placed within the word startup folder. When this is removed Word starts fine but no CWYW utilitiy is available. I have tried removing the preference file for word to no effect.

Has anyone found a solution. I do not have access to the office instal discs. I am starting my dissertation and really keen to get this working. It was fine on a previous laptop OS 10.7.


Hello, DavidRosen:

I’m afraid that the issue is going to be with your Word installation. When EndNote – or almost any other third-party plugin – is installed, it requires a feature called Visual Basic (VB) to be installed as part of your Office suite. If you are getting an error about Visual Basic, that will be because VB is either not installed, or wasn’t installed correctly.

The only way to correct this that I’m aware of is by a reinstall of the Office suite. I know that’s not great news for you, since you mentioned you do not have the Office disks. Perhaps if you contact Microsoft support they’ll have another way to install the VB package in Word, or be able to provide you with your installer.

I am so sorry my news isn’t better.

Thank you for your reply.

Do you happen to know if you can simply install visual basis from the disc rather than the whole programe.

Also are you sure that there is not a problem with Apple OS 10.9 There appears to be isssue on the net surrounding visual basic and word (OS 10.9/Ofice 2011). I think what happends is not a issue with Endnote. Rather that Endnote calls on visual basic s part of CWYW so that it immediately pulls up the error meesage box after Endnote installation.



Hello, David:

I am running EndNote X7 and X6 on Mavericks without VB issues, as are many other users, so I do not think it’s an overall Mavericks problem.

You also asked “Do you happen to know if you can simply install visual basis from the disc rather than the whole programe.” The only way I know of to install VB is by a reinstall of the Office program, but I am not an Office expert. If you contact Microsoft support, they may have other options we wouldn’t know about here at Thomson Reuters.

Apologies that I don’t have more detailed information for you.