Endnote X6 does not work with Word 2011 on Mac Mountain Lion


I have installed the Endnote X6 (version 6.0.2) program on my computer, which is a Macbook Air, the latest model, with OSX  Mountain Lion (version 10.8.3) installed.

The installation in itself works fine. I can start the Endnote X6 program afterwards.

However, when I open the Word 2011 application (version 14.3.2), I get a popup with an error that Visual Basic can’t be loaded. The program freezes, and the popup doesn’t go away.

The only solution is to remove the “Endnote CWYW Word 2011.bundle” file from the Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office/Startup/Word/ directory, but that of course means that I can’t use the CWYW functionality.

What can I do to get the CWYW functionality to work?


I do apologize for the error message you’ve encountered when attempting to load EndNote’s Cite While You Write command in Word 2011.  Visual Basic is an element of Microsoft Office, which can be used to power third-party add-ins such as EndNote’s Cite While You Write commands.  The error you’re receiving indicates Office was either installed without the Visual Basic environment, or that component of Office has become damaged.  If EndNote is your only Word add-in, you would not have received this message beforehand.  If Word starts with no add-in files, Word will not call Visual Basic.  A reinstallation of Microsoft Office 2011 will ensure Visual Basic is functioning properly.  However, you could try resetting the following Office preference files to see if that helps:

1.  Quit Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and EndNote, then in the Finder click “Go” on the menu bar while holding down the “option” key on your keyboard. You should see “Library” appear as one of the choices in the Go drop-down menu.

2.  Click on Library and open the Preferences folder.

3.  From Preferences, move the following files to the Desktop:



4.  Next in the Preferences folder open the Microsoft folder and open the Office 2011 folder. Move the following files to the Desktop:

Office Registration Cache

OLE Registration Database.

5.  After that go all the way back to the Library folder and open the Application Support folder. Open the Microsoft folder, open the Office folder and open the User Templates folder. Move Normal.dotm to the Desktop.

6.  Once you’ve reset your Office preferences, restart your computer.

7.  Afterward, launch EndNote again and open your EndNote library.  With your library open, try working in a Word document again to see if the Visual Basic error message appears.

Please let me know if this helps.

Best Regards,
Jimmy M.
Customer Technical Support Representative Scientific
Thomson Reuters
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I have also had the same issue as outlined above. I followed your instructions but the same error occured. I no longer have access to the Office for Mac program so I can not reinstal. Can you please advise how to address this issue without reinstalling Word.



yes I have the same problem and it is driving me mad. i have tried “jenno’s” solution; and the advice given by Thomson Reuters below - which does not work - who creatied this infuriating program in the first place.

Would Thomson have a solution? I see that it took them a few days to get back on the original comment so am hoping not to have to wait so long as my Word 11 is totaly disabled by Endnote now and I shan’t be using it having biinned it for good.

thank you


Since this is a user forum and not tech support, I would suggest you try contacting the tech support people directly, rather than hope they are trawling this community forum?  from the support tab on www.endnote.com: 

For help using EndNote

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern (GMT -5)
+1-800-336-4474, press 4

its horrible experience from Endnote, i intalled recently, endnote and now suffering to open my word/ ms office, due to this visual basic app problem error.

why the hell your endnote make such problem in macbook 

let me know, how to fix it, i did un-install ms office and re-intalled it again, but the same problem.




Greetings san,

Typically, an error message mentioning Visual Basic indicates an underlying issue with Microsoft Office’s Visual Basic Editor.  To verify this:

1.  Quit all Office applications.

2.  Use Finder to navigate to the following path:

Macintosh HD : Applications : Microsoft Office 2011 : Office : Startup : Word

3.  Clear the mentioned Word folder by moving any add-in files to your Desktop.

4.  Open a new Microsoft Word document.

5.  In Word, click “Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor”.

At this point, there’s no link between EndNote and Microsoft Word.  If clicking "Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor still results in the appearance of an error message, that’d be confirmation that Microsoft Office is still suffering from an underlying issue.  If you’ve tried to remove and reinstall Microsoft Office 2011, you may want to try clearing Office preference files that could be lingering after your reinstallation attempt.  You might want to take a look in the following location:

Macintosh HD : Users : [Your user name] : Library : Preferences

You’ll find a number of Office preference files within the Preferences folder, including several com.microsoft.visualbasic.plist / com.microsoft.visual_basic.plist files.  You may want to try trashing these office plist files to see if that helps clear up your problematic Visual Basic behavior.