Endnote 2.01 and Pages 09 - In text citations won't stay formatted


Been using Endnote for years but am about to finsih my first paper w/endnote and pages.  I am having a problem keeping the in-text citations from retaining their formatting.  About 75% of the citations in this doc are either bolded, italicized or both.  I can change them when editing, but when i open the doc again, all of them revert to bold/italics again.  

The citations in question are not near bolded/or italicized words a phrases… (See screen shot for example)

I am just about to submit this paper and need to solve this issue ASAP. 

thanks in advance, 


Screen shot 2009-09-06 at 6.48.24 PM.jpg

Hi, did you try to remove the Field Codes (but better do it with a copy of your text)?

Not sure what this means.  Is this something in pages or endnote?  Thanks for the help…

I think Pages works entirely differently than Word, which uses field codes, so I am not sure. What version of endnote?  Endnote  X2.01? I believe the implimentation has been integrated by Apple, so their site may have more information. 

http://www.endnote.com/support/faqs/CWYW/faq56.asp has some issues, but not the one you describe.  Also, what operating system are you using? Some users here in the forums have reported issues with Pages and Snow Leopard.

Yes, it certainly does.  I used to use word but it was so unstable on mac.  I have X2.01 and Snow Leopard (10.6).  No issues so far with pages and 10.6.  And, the formatting issues i reported happened the same way in 10.5.8 and 5.7. 

I think it is a bug in the pages integration…but i just can’t seems to find anything that helps. One option i have come across is adjust all the citations and while they look right, before saving, export to pdf and capture the correct formatting.  But, then when i open the doc again to make an edit…its back to looking wrong…

Still can’t find anything on apples cite—just docs and dicussions about adding endnotes to pages docs…