Newbie questions: formating citations in Pages with Endnote X2

Hi all,

Forgive me if this has come up already, but: I just started using Endnote X2 with Apple Pages, and I’m having some trouble getting my footnote references from Endnote to include the proper text formatting.  I’m using a modified version of the Chicago style where I want book and magazine titles italicized, volume numbers in bold where applicable, and so on.  I figured out how to make these changes to the templates in Endnote so they show up properly in the preview window.  However, when I insert an Endnote citation in a footnote in a Pages document, the text formatting does not come through (using the Insert>Endnote Citation command).  The automatically created bibliography that appears at the end of the document is formatted properly, but it is not in the footnotes.  Any ideas?  Also, does anyone know how to turn off the automatically inserted bibliography reference?  These are dissertation chapters so I’ll have one big bibliography and don’t need them per chapter.  Thanks a lot!!


Are you sure you changed footnote template for these bold/italics changes? It sounds like you changed bibliography template, not footnote template. Preview window only displays formatting of bibliography, and I guess that’s why preview looks OK, but not footnote.

As to automatic insertion of bibliography (one of CWYW features), I don’t know how it works with Apple Page, but Win version has preferences to turn it off. Why don’t you ask in the Endnote General/Working with Apple Pages?

Good luck.

Problems with formatting of text - italic, bold, etc. - in EndNote-inserted footnotes are a known issue in Pages '09. We are hopeful that Apple will include a fix for this in an upcoming patch.

In the mean time, it is worth telling Apple directly that this fix is important -

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team