EndNote 20 dropped too many good aspects of the prior version

Endnote 20 is awful. Instead of enhancing the programmer simply thought they knew best and just dropped items without asking the long-time users. I have over 20,000 references and 11 GB of attached PDFs, so I know what I like and what works with EndNote. 

  1. highlighting every other line helps the mind to keep track and more quickly scan the refs

  2. the individual refs are now further apart and this is awful because in one screen there are fewer refs. In the old EndNote the ref list was closer together and it was easier for the mind to more quickly scan and read

  3. The user interface does not allow us to change the viewing screen: bottom-split etc.

  4. the copy formatted was dropped and I used this often.


I agree. I have told our library to DROP 20 and offer 8 or 9. With 45,000 undergrads, we cannot pay for something that is absolute garbage. Been a user since 1993 and HATE 20. Someone must really hate paying customers to design something so LIMITED and horrid. Hope they lose their shirts on this careless, thoughtless and selfish attempt to GUESS what we needed. They should have asked.