EndNote 20 available

EndNote 20 available

Hello programmers of EN 20,

I am using EN 20 for about 2 hours now and the list of bugs, inconsistencies and unability to handle the software easily and fast gets longer and longer. It’s not nice to see so many fatures of ENX9 gone. Here is a list of the first ones I found (no specific order, list increasing while I am using it): 

  1. when in the new entry window, STRG+F4 or escape shall close the window and bring me back to the list of entries. I have no idea how I could leave the new entry windows – no indication at all.
  2. DEL should delete the current entry when in the list (as mentioned in earlier communication with you: using the mouse is sometimes too time consuming, please add more shortcuts)
  3. in X9, when you pressed CTRL+F the cursor jumped into the first search field. Nothing happens in EN20 – can you please make sure CTRL+F jumps into the search field again?
  4. in X9, when you were changing in the search field “Any field” to e.g. “Title” and pressed the return button, the search immediately stared. Not in EN 20. You first need to click the search text or the search button. Can you please make sure the same behaviour as in ENX9 is used, as it helps a lot to speed up the working
  5. search is much slower than in the previous version. I have 19000 references and in the past it was quite fast but now it’s much slower.
  6. When you import saved searches from ENX9, only three fields are correctly filled out. The others are missing.
  7. The empty space between the individual entries is too large and therefore not many entries can be seen at once. Can you make that smaller? There is too much white space
  8. I am missing the button for exporting/including the reference into Word. Can you please add that again (I know, there is a shortcut, but the way how I work is much much faster when I can click a button)
  9. Same for a button to open the attached PDF – again, I know there is a shortcut, but it’s much handier to open the PDF with a mouse click
  10. The update link, wehn you open X9 brings you in deed to the update web page but when you click to purchase the update you only get the X9 again (which I havce now for a second time)
  11. Wen you want to add comments to EN on your web page, you can’t choose EN20, as the list ends with ENX9

Best regards


Thanks. That is why a beta testing period before public release is required.

On the other hand, just double-click a reference to show the PDF pane!