Endnote 20 view PDF

Aghh! I just updated to Endnote 20 and have exactly the same gripe! The whole point of the preview function for me was so I could pull up my library and quickly check the reference. As much as I like the new PDF annotator, it was always more useful to have it in the window.

While I’m adding my voice to this discussion it would be amazing if we could get a mac+F shortcut to search within PDF files, either in the break-out pdf viewer or in the preview. Save a few clicks which equates to hours over the year.

I’m downgrading to X9 for now, but would would really like to see these new features in 20 soon.

Thanks a million 


I support EndNote at my university library and have been surprised to hear this conversation about the EndNote Preview. I have always thought there is a special value in being able to see the pdf in a second window. From the note I’m responding to, it sounds like the person is showing the preview while checking the reference. Could someone explain this more?

I’ve seen the automatic preview appear in the 3-tab window which would use the area that shows the reference. Does checking the reference mean verifying it on the pdf itself in the preview?

I always found the print in the preview too small to read and expanding the pdf with the arrow icon in the 3-tab panel made the pdf take up too much space (even though the window could be sized and moved).

Mendeley is very good for letting you see the pdf and the reference data at the same time and it’s very common for me to fix data in the references in Mendeley (something that did not seem as often encountered in EndNote) while looking at the pdf.

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dear all,

I’m also very disapointed by the pdf pane view disapearance. Moreover, there is no way to adjust the (huge) between-refs space. 

Please let the user choose : 1/ to see the pdf together w/ the whole reference list 2/ adjust the gap between two refs (not the character size, the gap).

Meanwhile I’ll be working back w/ EndNote X9…



I had the same problem. I went around it by clicking on ‘edit’ on any reference. The preview pane appears. But it doesn’t do much, anyway.

The fixed width of the preview pane is a waste of usable screen view on a smaller screen. I wish someone is listening and bring the PDF preview back.

The pdf preview in the main window was useful because it made accessing your pdfs very quick and easy instead of having to open them all in separate windows which can result in a lot of tabs. If you have a large monitor and increase the size of the preview window, I find I can read the pdf well and highlight too. You always have the option to open a pdf in a second window if you need that extra size. 

I’ve reverted back to X9 because I really loved that feature but hopefully they bring it back because I do like the visuals of Endnote 20.