I bought EndNote20 about 2 months ago, can I get the EndNote21 for free?

On the homepage I saw this message:

EndNote 21 is coming soon! Click here to Pre-Order EndNote 21 at 10% off or buy EndNote 20 today at 10% off and you’ll receive a free upgrade to EndNote 21 when it launches in Mid-May 2023.

But not sure if the old customers can get the free upgrade too.

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Good Question @Brisket

@gillianEN I also bought the upgrade to EndNote V20 in late February 2023. Do we get a free upgrade to V21? (that is apart from the problems in V20 that were not in V19)

If not, that is the last straw. It will end my association with EndNote that started with V8 (I still have the large printed manual) , and I will look for a different solution for the History/Heritage groups I am working with.

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That’s true.
I bought V20 and found there were too many shortages compared to V19…can’t believe it is a newer version.

Just received the answer, the free upgrade is only available for those who ordered V20 during the pre-order time…