EndNote 21 fixed some, but not all, problems. See the below

I find the search function and especially the “all references” function to work in non optimal ways. In EN 9, when you started a new search it would usually search the whole database. Here in EN 21, if a subset of references is showing, even if you clear the search, the subset persists and so you are not searching what you wish. You then have to click all references. The additional trouble is, sometimes when you do so it does not indeed show all references. I find I have to click on a menu item below that (e.g., imported references) and then go back to all references. Finally, all references should have a keystroke so that can one can do this much more quickly. Summarizing, one can click on all references in the tab or sidebar, and only the results of the previous search, even with all fields for search cleared, appear. They should all appear at that time.

Searching with such filters as “Add to showing references” is not enabled.

Searching does not allow capitalization to be a factor.

Can’t search within or highlight terms in search results

Although one can have a window open to enter a reference, you can only edit the reference in the side panel. That is not a feature. This severely limits the capabilities of editing. I want to have multiple references’ full windows open simultaneously to work between them.

When one copies a reference into one EN data base from another:

  1. That reference you pasted it in is not necessarily in one’s view. Depending on what references you were showing and how are you sorted… it may be hidden, often disguising that the paste function worked at all.
  2. Often the previously selected reference is stay selected and the new references added to it. If once intent is to then immediately copy and paste that new reference into a document you get both which is not what you want.

It is annoying to have to specify whether I’m importing an RIS or pdf file. Why on earth can’t Endnote read what kind of file it is? It’s often that I have to go back and forth 10-20 times a day. A serious waste of time.

My window to correct references during formatting is wider than the screen and can only widen it MORE. Nothing lets me resize it to a normal width. This was true in 20, I alerted people, and it’s still a problem.

A couple more things that do not make sense to me. Why when I open a term list do I need to press “Close” when there is a red close at the top left of most windows…but not these! You should be able to search term lists too.

I am continually impressed by how each new version of EndNote makes doing my work MORE difficult, rather than less. Reference Manager and EndNote ~8 would sometimes throw errors in exciting ways, but 95% of the time I could make it work, and that remaining 5% of the time I could consult the amazing user’s forum for help. [EndNote chose to break that part of the system as well.]