Endnote 4: Template for citing dockets

Can anyone point me to template for citing regulatory agency dockets.

For example, I would like EndNote to allow me to enter a reference like the following:

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, In the Matter of Inquiry into X, Before the Environmental Protection Agency, CC Docket X-XXXX, December 10, 2010.

How would I create form for those types of references? Would I need to create my own customized response?


Thought the Bluebook Law Review output style might  include one for dockets but although there seem to be various reference types that could lend themselves to creating a docket template for both the reference type and the corresponding output style.  I’ll use your example as an illustration but it helps to have a style guide (e.g., Bluebook, goverment-issued, etc.) to identify what information is needed for a docket.  We’ll assume that only two fields are needed for this example: Title (which includes the issuing agency and the docket number), and Year (which can be renamed as “Date” if preferred).

Two items will need to be created:  a reference type template (to store the docket information), and the corresponding output style (to format the docket’s in-text citation and bibliographic listing).  Also check-out the training videos on the forum.


  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, PREFERENCES.  In the Preferences window (see Image1), click to select “Reference Types”,  then click “Modify Reference Types”.  Within the Modify Reference Types window click the pull-down menu and select “Unused1” (which is an unused template). 

  2. Modify the Unused1 reference type (see Image2).  Enter the name (Docket), year, and the title-and-docket-number. Then click the OK button to close the window.  Click OK again to exit the preferences window.


  1. Go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, EDIT OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT [name of style - in this case it’s  Bluebook-Law Review].  Locate “Bibliography” (see Image3) then click “Templates” 

  2.  Click the “Reference Types” pull-down menu and select “Docket”.  Then click the “Insert Field” pull-down menu to select and add the two reference type fields (Title&DocketNo, and Year) into the template.  Type a period at the the end.  Then close the window which will prompt you that the changes will be saved as a copy (Bluebook-Law Review Copy).  If you opt to save the template as a copy then you will need to change the output file in both EndNote and MS Word to Bluebook-Law Review Copy.

Image3 displays the bibliography template results in the preview window of the EndNote library.

*Note : Similarly the Citation template should also be created but without information on the proper format it’s unclear to me as to how it should appear.  But the steps to create the template are similar to those creating the Bibliography template.  Also, if it’s more versatile to do so, instead of combining the title and docket number as a single field, it could be broken into additional separate fields: title, issuing agency/organization, docket number.  It might help to gather several docket examples to see the similarities or dissimilarities in fields and build the reference type and output style templates around those fields.

I usually start by using the “generic” ref type, and putting my info in several of what look like the right fields, then letting the “generic” format it to see if it makes some sense.  I then create a ref type with the appropriate names for those fields and copy the generic template and modify it from there to include any recurrent text, (which might be "Before the "  or "Docket "for example?)