How to create a reference type for Book Review (Harvard)

I am trying to create a reference type for “Book Review” in Harvard Style.

The output should be like this:

Scott, J. C., 2009. Duas Cervejas. Review of Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City by Grandin, G. London Review of Books [Online] vol. 31 no. 19 pp. 31-33. Available from [Accessed 8 April 2011].

As there are no existing types I want to butcher, I selected the Unused1 type. However, when you go to select that type when creating a new refrence, Unused1 does not appear in the list.

Is there no way of creating a new reference type, other than butchering an existing type?

I also tried butchering, but there seems to be no way of changing the fields associated with a built-in reference type. For example, putting in Secondary Title and Tertiary Title in the bibliography template does not cause those fields to appear for data input.

Immensely frustrating!!!

NOTE: Using ENDNOTE X2.0.4, Windows 7.

IGNORE - I finally figured out how to do it!!!

It sounds like you’re trying to create a new  reference type (Book Review) through the main window’s “New Reference” feature?  If so, that’s the wrong location.  Creating a new reference type is accessed through the Modify References option by going to to the EndNote toolbar, selecting EDIT, PREFERENCES (which displays the Preferences window), then clicking “Reference Types” on the left column, then click MODIFY REFERENCE TYPES.

The Modify Reference Types option (see attached image) enables accessing the unused templates (Unused1, Unused2, Unused3).  Click to select  one of the templates then manually type-in the name (Book Review) and whatever fields will be needed to generate the desired output (e.g., Author, Year, Title, etc.). Click OK when completed, the OK again to exit from the EndNote Preferences window. You’ve now created the Book Review reference type template which will appear in the “New Reference” drop-down list on the main menu.

Once the Book Review reference type template has been completed, the next step is to create the corresponding output style template.  This is achieved by going to the toolbar, selecting EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES, EDIT (name of your style) which will cause the output style window to pop up.  Within the style’s window, in the left column locate “Bibliography” then click to select TEMPLATES. Click the “Reference Types” button and select Book Review then begin inserting the fields needed for the template.