Endnote X7, APA 6th, and Word 2014 - Year showing up in all subsequent citations of same author

Hi all. Been using Endnote X7 for a while (I get it through my school) but only recently noticed this problem.

If I cite an Author (Year), APA style dictates that in subsequent citations within the same paragraph, the (Year) is not needed. However, Endnote continues inserting Author (Year) every time. If I exclude the year, it reverts to (Author) instead of just Author.

I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to exclude the year in subsequent citations within the same paragraph. For reference, see p. 172 of the APA 6th edition manual:

“Within a paragraph, when the name of the author is part of the narrative, you need not include the year in subsequent nonparanthetical references to a study as long as the study cannot be confused with other studies cited in the article.”

Thanks for the help!

Gets complicated, doesn’t it.  I read the instruction “not needed” as a suggestion and not a requirement.  Sometimes it is easier to ignore than to achieve.  

Does that mean that there’s no way to change it? I see a lot of options when going to “Edit citation” - certainly there’s some way to put that option in there, no?

It does appear that the setting, “remove Year” can not be used with Author (Year).  To achieve what you want, you might have to resort to making the citation exclude both Author and Year and manually type in the author - or just type in the author and not insert a citation, since it already exists, at the risk you might remove the first instance and not list it at all. 

In my experience publishers will correct these minor flaws though, during the editorial process, and thus, I focus on content and why I couched my first answer in the way that I did.  

This requirement occurs so rarely, that it will be a while before the Endnote developers catch up with a request like this.  – it took forever for them to get to allowing the Author (year) option in the first place and it was a common request.  This is the first request of this kind that I have seen.  

But if you want it implimented, I suggest you post it in the suggestions forum, and see if you garner other users’ support there.