ENDNOTE 7 Using Word on a Mac OSX Yosemite

I have just installed Endnote to use for Uni essays, etc.  In Word I only get a small toolbar which can be moved around containing a few items headed Citations, Bibliography, Tools, Search libary and 2 others.   I am not sure how to use CWYW and when looking online for help, what they show includes a much bigger toolbar of options to choose from.  (and more user friendly).  I don’t have this toolbar in spite of following all the instructions I have found online to install it.  It says it is installed and when I go view toolbars, Endnote is there and it is selected.   So is this small toolbar sufficient for CWYW and how do I use it?  


The toolbar is normal in Word 2011. You can also get to the commands under Tools in Word.

Please see the following Videos which go over CWYW in Word 2011

How to add citations to a Word 2011 document on Macintosh.


How to change the style, line spacing, font, and other options for the bibliography.


How to edit citations to add or remove text from the citation.


Thanks Tony :slight_smile:  I will see if I can work it out from there.  Much appreciated.