Endnote and CWYW communication problem

I’m having an issue between Endnote X9, CWYW and Endnote online. At first, I installed CWYW and made an account on Endnote online, but when I saw that I had I couln’t modify the styles on Endnote online, so I installed Endnote X9. My CWYW is working with the online version, but I feel like it isn’t correctly linked to Endnote X9, because when I try to modify a style or to create a new one, it doesn’t show on my Word file. Did I skip something to make them communicate ?
I’m scared of uninstalling CWYW and reinstall it because I don’t wanna lose the citations I have on my Word file…

Thank you !

In word, do you have the full Endnote ribbon and not the online ribbon (On the endnote ribbon, go to preferences, Application tab, “Endnote” and not “Endnote online”)? 

If so, did you  “save as” the style after it was open in Endnote, and have you gone to the top of the dropdown  list and chosen “select another style” in Word’s endnote ribbon?