Endnote x8 and CWYW Style List not the same


We’re working with a clean installation of Endnote x8 and the CWYW plugin in Office 365.

We’d like to use the “Oxford - Author Date” style which is preinstalled and selected in x8 as a user favorite but it doesn’t appear in the CWYW style list, even though we go through the account authorisation progress bar on access.

What steps can I go through to try to debug this - I’ve done some searching and can’t find this problem elsewhere so, if the question has been discussed, please accept my apologies and perhaps provide a link?


Hi thanks for reading this - I’ve figured out the problem and have put this up in case anyone else seems something similar.

We’d initially tried Endnote online before shifting to an install of x8. The plugin had retained a link to online which needed to be manually switched to x8.

To do this, select Preferences and then Application in the CWYW ribbon, then select “Endnote” rather than “Endnote online” from the dropdown.

Given access to all the EN styles - just under 500.

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