Libre office and EndNote X8.2 ? It works problemless

My test computers   : 

windows 10 home   64 Bit  with Office 365  8GB RAM

windows 10 Pro      64 Bit         "                     "

I installed the  new Libre Office  version windows   on the 2 computers and  installed the extension via oxt file as described previously (see Trensofty and see posted attachment).

The extension works problemless within EN X8 and L.O. (cwyw and insert selected reference (see picture)

It is worthwhile to try it  because one must buy  Office 365 for 1 year and it  is a little expensive.

Comments and tests  with L.O. 6. 0 xx wished

Thank you in advance

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you say, that you installed the extension via oxt file as described previously - I can’t find a description.


Dear Volker,

I send you my answer posted 8 years ago :

Adding the EN X4 Extension in LibreOffice 3.3.01 Writer/Help for EN X4 Beta tester


‎12-29-2010 05:19 PM

After the uninstallation of OpenOffice 3.xx and the installation of Libre Office (L.O)  3.3 and reinstallation of EN X4 it is possible that the EN X4 extension doesn´t appear into Libre Office Writer.


According to the EN X4 Help, the EN X4 extension in L.O. Writer can be loaded as follows:

-In LB Writer go to the Tools menu and choose Extension Manager

-Click Add

-In the file dialog, navigate to the folder : Program Files/Common Files/ResearchSoft/CWYW14

-Select the EndNote.oxt  and click Open.

-The ENCWYW extension will now appear in the list. Click Close.

-Exit Libre Office Writer and then restart it.

ENX4 commands appears on an EN X4 menu.

(Tested with WIN XP SP3, Win Vista Ultimate  and Win 7 Professional with German Settings).

Today 2018:

For  EN X8 and Win 10 home or pro, you find the oxt.file here:


*c:\Program Files (x86)\EndNote X8\Product-Support\CWYW*


click CWYW  and , after opening, you see the oxt file.Click it as described above.

Good luck


Important to note that Endnote x8 on my windows x64 machine with only work with LO x86 and not LO x86_64.  Icons are a mess.


Problem is I want to use Endnote X7 because X8 forces you to be online or sign in or some such thing and due to privacy reasons I don’t want to Endnote to be online and I don’t want Clarivate taking telemetrics and analyzing my data.  They will end up losing customers if they continue to do this.   Standalone products should mean standalone software not requiring an internet connection.

So Endnote.oxt for X7 does not work in libreoffice. It gives the following error.  “The extension 'EndNote® Cite While You Write™”.  Other products also require you create an account and have you login.  Probably just end up going open source software from sourceforge as greedy companies buying out endnote wish to make money off of people’s privacy.