EndNote and MSWord template, 2nd posting


I am setting up an MS Word 2016 template for writing reports that will use lots of references. I have set up a style for the references and adjusted the EndNote X7 bibliographic settings to reflect how we want all the reports to look. All subsequent reports will use this template and be set up from the Word Developer tab by which users can open the template.

However, in the actual Word template all settings look and work as desired. In the new Word document, even though the MS Word report template I created is attached from the Developer tab as the document template for the new document, the bibliographic settings are not automatically there. In order to have a single line follow each reference, link the in-text citations to references in the bibliography, hanging indent for first line, line spacing, and font type and size; the reference list must be formatted in each new MS Word document. I’ve created an MS Word style for this stuff based on the Normal style and it still does not transfer to the new documents.


Sorry about the post to the place where things are for sale.

You may want to contact tech support to see if you can get help from the developers on how you might define the “Endnote Bibliography” word templated  style.  I know that it “rewrites” that style in the Word Normal template based on the output style (a bit more editable and “sticks”) and bibliography layout (which need to be set up on a document by document basis) settings.  

At one point you could edit it more flexibly and get it to stick/reapply, but they made a change and broke that ability in the early days of Endnote X7, much to my consternation.  

Thanks Leanne,

Not exactly the quick and easy fix I would like, but I may try that. For right now I will work on training the users to work with the template’s quirks. I appreciate your help.