cant generate a bibliography in my already-compiled word master document

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Hoping for some help with generating a bibliography in my word master document using the endnote numbered style.  

I am currently compiling my PhD thesis using a master document and 9 sub-documents in word. I am using endnote X7 to do the intext citations and referencing but am having a lot of trouble generating the bibliography. Every time I insert a citation i get the message “the style sheet is full. word cannot define the new style”. I am still able to insert the citation. But for some reason I cannot generate the bibliography. Can you please provide any advice?

I suspect you should call tech support as someone is going to have to look at the document. 

My guess is it has something to do with a change implimented in  Endnote7  which now causes Word to create an Endnote Bibliography style for the template.  There may be one already there, or it is self referencing itself (how is that for redundancy?).  as that is what a quick google suggests might cause that  error message.  Can you check and screen capture the “modify” display – first whether there is an Endnote Bibliography style in your template’s style list.  and what that style looks like in your current master document (dropdown/modify)?  

Mine is attached.  

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Thanks for the response.  I did contact endnote and they talked me through deleting some of the extra styles in the style sheet to make more room.  They said i dont have the biblography style in word but it seems to be working now and not getting the error message anymore.  

So far so good…

Many thanks


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