EndNote continuously prompts to open a library

Currently using Windows 2000 Pro, MS Word 2003, and EndNote X.0.2 (Bld 2283).  My company has a corporate volume license.

We are experiencing the following issue:

Employees A & B both have EndNote installed.  Employee A composes a document and includes EndNote functionality in the way of citations and references.  Employee A emails the document to Employee B for review.  Employee B opens the document and begins their review - Employee B does not have the EndNote library associated with this document.  Shortly after the document is opened, Employee B is prompted to open an EndNote library.  This prompt continues to appear over and over, despite being “canceled”, until Employee B opens any reference library.

This is a very annoying behavior.  Is there a way to stop EndNote from trying to open a library for Employee B?  From the EndNote X Cite While You Write Preferences menu, the checkbox at Open EndNote when starting Word is empty (not checked) for both employees.  With this setting, EndNote should not be opening, correct?

Is there a solution to prevent this behavior from EndNote?

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Two known solutions for this issue:

1.  Employee B must open any available library, a dummy library or otherwise, if the source library is not available

2.  Employee A must unformat citation(s) prior to sending out for review; format bibliography after review to repopulate citations and bibliography

Message Edited by golfe on 08-13-2008 08:56 AM