Endnote perpetually reopening when working in a specific document

Hello, when working in a specific Word 2007 document Endnote continually opens automatically. I have unchecked the appropriate boxes in the preferences to prevent this. No matter what I do EndNote keeps reopening in this document regardless of how many times I close it.

BTW, this behavior is exactly as described in an old message posting, here. The solution apparently has to do with “cleaning up the CWYW encoding of the Word document” and is addressed in an old FAQ linked to in the original Reuters response to the above question, here. However, that link has apparently been broken. Is there a new link?

The correct current link to the equivalent knowledge base article is here.

It may not sound like the same phenotype, but the clean up fix is the same. 

Thank you very much for the speedy response and accurate link. The fix was fast & easy. I never would have found that on my own.

Problem solved!