numbering issue

I had 60 references, new citations were entering fine.  I opened up Word and endnote today and went to insert a new citation and endnote reformatted the citation numbers in the text and also removed roughly half of the references in the bibliography at the bottom of word doc.  It seems not to recognise a whole section of citations in the middle of the document although these are present in the library. There are no tables, figures etc anywhere. Now i have 37 refs, the citations don’t match the refs in a lot of instances.  Yesterday I got a new computer, with new endnote X, updated from a previous version, same Word 2003 package.  However, endnote cited fine yesterday evening using the endnote file from my previous computer.

Please help in any way, i am stressing out!

Make a copy and try select all and unformating  (do they all unformat back to curley bracket state?) and (if so) reformating the document with the library open.  Sometimes I have unformat twice and sometimes I have to manually delete the old reference list and sometimes I have to unformat, close both endnote and word and open them before reformating.

and what operating system?  EndnoteX doesn’t necessarily play nice with Vista. 

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