Help! Changing bibliography format - dozens of references disappear!

This happens to me every time I am reformatting the bibliography in a Word document that was sent to me for review.  I need to change the format based on the journal to whom we are submitting the article.  I click on the icon for reformatting the bibliography, I choose the journal style we want, and then click ok.  It looks great – except that I only get 28 references and the rest (in this case 70 additional references) just disappear.

I’m really in desperate straits on this.  Otherwise, I have to completely reformat all of these personally in a short time.  What should I be doing?  Help!

I’m sorry; I’m a newbie.  I should have added that I’m using EndNote X.0.2, Word 2002, and this document has the references attached as a traveling library (they are not resident in my EndNote libraries).

What versions of Word, Endnote and what operating system are the people whose documents you are reviewing using?

If you export the traveling library, are they all there?  Not that you can easily USE the exported library, but at least you would know that there wasn’t some corruption.