EndNote detects "orders" where it should not

Another “problem” concerning the bibliography templates with my newly defined output style came up.

I want to define the reference type “patent” according to my guidelines and it ought to read as:

Alstom LTD. Patent WO 02/042606- Bearing device for the rotor of a rotating machine. Priority Date 02 February 2001

My suggestion concerning the bibliography template is


           Inventor|. International Patent Number |- Title |. Priority Date Date -> Problem: if I write it that way, EndNote detects “Date” twice

and thus inserts it twice of course. Is there a way I can mark the passage “Priority Date” as always given and the specific date (e.g… 02 February 2001) as a separate “order” to insert for EndNote?

Thanks for your help!

In the template put aroundPriority Date` so endnote doesn’t try to interprete the word as a field.

Thanks very much for your help- it worked perfectly!