EndNote DTD is not including the "ISSN" in its core elements

The EndNote DTD is including several metadata elements, but not the ISSN.
This issue creates problems to Zotero or Mendeley users when they need to export records in the EndNote XML format: either the ISSN information is missing (Mendeley) or is wrongly mapped and is placed under “ISBN”. Hope this can be fixed soon, by inserting a line in the DTD which would allow users to export and import the ISSN information.
Stefano Anibaldi

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I, too, need ISSN as I produce a magazine with one.

Dear Clarivate Support,
Did you have the chance to check the ISSN issue reported above, in the EndNote export?
EndNote users continue to export their data that is not giving the correct information for ISSN.
Thank you for your time.
Stefano Anibaldi

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@gillianEN any comment on this?

I think I need more information. When I tested this, EndNote was exporting the ISSN just fine in XML… For example I had a record with a test ISSN of 1234 and when I inspect the generated XML I see it:


It shows under ISBN instead of ISSN, as ISBN is the generic label for that field, just as Journal Title actually shows under Secondary Title. But it’s definitely present, at least for journal articles. Please tell me what reference type you are not seeing it show for?

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Thanks for the quick reply.
So it is an ISBN / ISSN field as a document can’t have both.

My initial query was addressed to the EndNote DTD, which is missing the ISSN element to describe this important identifier for periodicals. This is affecting the export to EndNote XML, especially when creating journal articles references. In the same EndNote system (I used 20.6 for my test), the ISSN is represented with the element isbn in the EndNote XML export:


This could be solved by declaring the issn element in the EndNote DTD and map it to the “export to EndNote XML” within the EndNote Reference manager.

Hi all, I can imagine this is not so crucial issue, but still, it is a problem for those EndNote users who want to export their articles and import them in other systems. I am attaching the screenshot of a description of an article that is perfectly displaying the ISSN in its correct place.

Exporting the article from EndNote 20.6 of to the EndNote XML format, results in a XML record not valid against the EndNote DTD, distributed at this link. The XML element used is isbn and not ISSN.

  		<style face="normal" font="default" size="100%">1857-7415</style>

While I understand this is probably a minimal bug, when it comes the time of data exchange it can easily reproduce a loss of data.
In short, the EndNote DTD does not include the ISSN element, which, for the description of an article of a journal, is a very important identifier. And the relevant export from EndNote carries on the error in the output XML.

Thanks for looking into this issue.

Hello Community!

The first thing to note is that the EndNote XML format is only intended for use with importing data Into the EndNote Desktop product. It is not intended for use with third party bibliographical management software, or databases.
For exporting into third-party sources, we strongly recommend using the RIS format.

As for the actual issue, the ISBN and ISSN values in EndNote occupy the same field, just with a different field name. You can see this here, in this screenshot:

Note that the field is the same in both cases, just with different field labels depending on the type of reference. Because both values use the same field, both values also use the same tag.
This is true of both RIS, and XML.
We hope this helps to clarify.


Thank you Steve. I understand that the XML export from EndNote is used exclusively to be imported in the same EndNote software, maybe skipping the fact that XML is a platform that should be only used when interoperability of multiple systems occurs.
Anyway, leaving out the ISSN/ISBN bug of the EndNote export, I wanted also to inform EndNote developers and the community that the EndNote.XML exported from the EndNote software is NOT valid against any of the two EndNote DTDs available from the Clarivate Support pages. XML parsers give red light to the XML data outputted from EndNote. A fix is expected in the DTD(s). Maybe with the addition of the ISSN identifier, which appears in all the major metadata schemas describing bibliographic records, like MARC or MODS.

We have posted an article on our Support site with the most recently updated version of the DTD file, here:
EndNote: XML Document Type Definition for EndNote 21 (clarivate.com)
Hopefully this will prove more helpful than those older DTD files.

Thanks again!

Thank you Steve. The export to EndNote XML from the EndNote 21 software is now fixed and it is validating against the new DTD. Hopefully, in the future, Clarivate will also consider the ISSN as a separate identifier from ISBN and will add the relevant metadata element in the same DTD.