Missing Publisher in Endnote X7

Missing Publisher in Endnote X7

When I export a Journal Article reference from Endnote , all required fields are successfully exported – except for the Publisher field.

To get around this issue, I change the reference type from   Journal Article to    Magazine Article.  I have found that exporting a Magazine Article (rather than a Journal Article) will always include the required Publisher field.  However, I would rather not resort to this workaround.

How can I export a Journal Article reference which will include the Publisher field?



Are you exporting journal article references from Endnote? Or do you mean you are direct exporting references from an online database into Endnote? The “Publisher” field isn’t needed for bibliography references concerning journal articles so: 1) the field is omitted from the Endnote reference type and bibliography template; and 2) online database providers omit the field from being downloaded.

If you are exporting Journal article references from your Endnote library, the publisher field is omitted from both the Journal Article reference type and the bibliography template of the output style. So the publisher field will not be exported. You will need to include the field in both the reference type and the bibliography template and provide the publisher data in the Endnote record in order to export the information.

If you are direct exporting the references from the online database into Endnote you might try seeing if the publisher field is included if the references are exported as a text file which then could be imported Into Endnote using an import filter. If the publisher field is available then it’s just a matter of modifying the import filter to include the publisher field in the Endnote record.

Thanks for the reply.  The second paragraph was the most helpful.

This is because I am using Endnote to enter our course readings into our content mangement system (eReserve).  eReserve requires the publisher data for copyright reasons.

I have now ensured that the publisher field is in both the reference type and the bibliography template, yet I still have no publisher field after exporting Journal article references from Endnote.

It seems that I am a step closer to a solution, but uncertain on what to do next.

Please attach your “bibliography” file (an .ens file?) 

Attached is the style file (.ens) as asked.


RefMan (RIS) Export Copy.ens (298 KB)

Well, I didn’t see publisher in the journal template, so I copied it from the generic and put it there in the attached, but not sure that is where you mapped it in your records/ref type and added the info to each of your records? 

PB  - Publisher|
RefMan (RIS) Export journ-publisher.ens (298 KB)

Thank-you enormously - that is now all resolved.

With appreciation,


PS This is my first enquiry to the Community and it has been a good experience.