Endnote failed syncronization


I use endnote desktop and the online version both on my PC and on my laptop. I have been having trouble logging-in. I have used the same account and password between my PC and laptop but somehow my PC failed to accept my password. I have finally managed to change it but now my library does not syncronized with the online version of Endnote.
I couldn’t figure out how to get in touch with the customer service through email either.
Any suggestions?


It would appear phone and direct emails to Tech support are no longer available :-(  Sometimes there is a “chat” button that might be useful, probably during their office hours, but not sure what those are, or in what time zone?  It is there right now (10:30am, CST).    Or submit a “ticket” to them via the “submit and enquiry” button.  


or hope they contact you as a result of your post here.  There are some “common questions” link there too.