EndNote for iPad 1.1 Update Now Live

The EndNote for iPad 1.1 free update went live in the Apple App Store last week. Details about this release are here:


We are hard at work on adding more optimizations and UI updates for iOS 7 and hope to have these released in the next month or so.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I just updated to the 1.1 iPad EndNote.  It is a small step in the right direction, but there is still much needed improvement.

I have slightly more than 6 GB of file attachments in my desktop EndNote library, and I suspect that I am not that atypical.  Yet, the EndNote web account limits me to a maximum of 5 GB total server space for the citation data and the file attachments.  I suspect that even if I could take the time to trim down my library to something that would fit into the existing constraints, the time needed to upload approximately 4 GB of data to EndNote Web would be prohibitive.

We need alternatives for synching the desktop and iPad versions of EndNote that do not impose this 5 GB limit, preferrably a local synch through wireless or iTunes.  I simply do not have time to reduce my collection in order to bring it in under the 5 GB limit, nor do I have time to upload all of that to EndNote Web.  Until the EndNote for the iPad app allows for greater synchronization flexibility, it will remain for me a curiosity and a waste of the purchase price that I spent getting it.

We are working on adding more storage space in EndNote Online. We did look into Apple Bonjour (through iTunes) early on and decided that this would not be a viable option for trying to syncronize EndNote data across platforms. Also, we have another iPad app update in development right now that should be ready in the next month or so and will include the following:

  • iOS 7- specific SDK updates

  • Updated UI

  • Bug fixes.

Thanks for the feedback.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

I was so excited to see an update for ENdNote for iPad, finally!  While it’s great to be able to use and recognize from other programs more standard PDF annotations, and really great to be able to see annotations on the desktop and iPad versions interchangeably, many of the updates are worse off.

  1. We still need on iPad to see and use group sets that are set up on desktop version
  2. Annotation tool bar is WAY to wide, and unnecessarily.  The icons it contains are half the width of the tool bar which covers text and is very annoying.
  3. When you hit undo the annotation reverts to the hand.  Why?  Why not stay on the active tool???
  4. When sliding pages it doesn’t snap to the next page any more.  I could see some people liking the free slide, but let it be an option in settings, along with a lot of these other items listed here.  Give us some choices please if you’re going to change so much.
  5. The size slider is nice to have more options than the limited three options previously, but for consistency, can you set some snap to percentage points or something?  Same with opacity, I’d rather have it snap to every 5% increment that need to make things 3% or 7% or 18% opaque.
  6. Annotations needs an eraser tool!  Old version at least had a clear page option, new version has nothing.
  7. New version undo takes away ALL changes made by that tool.  So if I make one mistake while hand writing or freehand drawing, undo clears everything instead of the old version way where only the last stroke was erased (which made SO much more sense!)
  8. New version can’t zoom in as far as before
  9. New version imported/converted the old versions annotations (took hours for 200 references) but there are all completely off!  As in they don’t line up at all, they’re all shifted down 2-3 lines and shifted left or right half a column of text.
  10. With the addition of page previews on the bottom, which I like, you should be able to navigate pages while any tool is active, not just the hand.
  11. Same with the progress bar on the side: you should be able to slide it with any active tool not just the hand,  And it takes too much space showing the page number, it’s obnoxious.  I know you can hide it, but it was so nice and small in the last version, inconspicuous but sleek and attractive with it’s blue shading and small control knob, which showed the page number when active / when need, not all the time distractingly.

I love EndNote and chose it for my PhD program over all the other options, which I researched for days and did trials for weeks – I chose EndNote even though it was the most expensive specifically because of it’s iPad app and the ability to handwrite and other annotation features that are now lost or compromised.  Please add these to the developers fix-it list, or consider sending a survey to everyone who has purchased the iPad version and get user feedback as to which features were better in old vs. new versions.  Thank you.

I updated my beloved Endnote app on my iPad on the 4th Feb this year and have not been able to open it since! I have been storing research and book refs since I bought the app a year ago and was finding it excellent. After discovering the crashing I turned everything on and off again, deleted the app and tried everything I could. I contacted support at the beginning of Feb. but have heard nothing from the Technical team whatsoever, despite having sent the require crash logs and other info and being assured twice that my case had been ‘escalated’, presumably into the trash can? It is now the 10th March. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am and how incredibly inconvenient and troublesome for my research and writing this whole issue is. I really wish there was some way of returning to the original version. What can be done to resolve this issue for myself and others please?