Ability to sync all PDFs to iPad from entire library - option to turn 100MB cache limit ON/OFF

I’m currently on the fence as to whether to use Endnote for iPad or switch over to Papers 3 and use their iPad app.  My institution provides us with site licences to Endnote, and I’m currently using X7.1

I am looking to purchase an iPad solely for work and want to have all of my PDFs with me when travelling (ie. No internet connection) so I can read them and annotate them.  Everything that I have read about the Endnote app states that there is a really clunky mechanism of having to use favorites to keep PDFs as well as the 100MB limit of the cache.

I plan on purchasing a 128GB iPad so I’m not concerned about space.

Can you please update the app to allow all PDF files to be synced to the iPad.  This seems to be a very artificial and limiting factor to the app.  Surely there can be an option to have a cache, but there should be an option to turn this off.


I think this is a great idea and I wanted to let you know that I did submit this request to our development team.


Miguel Mendoza

Well my 128GB iPad arrived today, so I will be checking this thread from time to time to see if there are any updates.

I would prefer to stick with one App ecosystem (Endnote) or Papers, but at this stage, as there isn’t an ETA on when and how long a change like this will take, I am going to go ahead and purchase Papers 3 and their iPad app.  Both apps have their pro’s and con’s, but the 100MB limit is a complete deal breaker for me.

I would really love to meet the person who decided on this limitation and their reasoning for it; are they even a user of Endnote itself?

Dear Mr. Mendoza. The wish to be able to download all pdf files to EndNote for ipad has been in the air for a long time. For instance “Visitor” sent a request on this community 06-24-2013 and your fellow moderator JasonR responded shortly after. To present this as a new idea that you want to put forward to your development team now almost feels like an insult to us who have bean waiting for some solution to this problem. Would you kindly contact your development team and find out WHEN this problem will be solved.

Agreed. This is such a basic feature, and I wouldn’t have thought it would be difficult to fix.

What are you guys smoking over there in the development team?

Schoolboy’s error.

Sort it out already. It has been long enough! 


Just wondering what the update on this is?  I saw that the Endnote for iPad app was updated on iTunes recently, but there is no mention of removing the space limitation?

Is this a feature that will ever get implemented in the Endnote for iPad app?

I can’t quite understand how this isn’t the #1 priority of the app team as it makes the app completely useless for every academic researcher I have spoken to about the app and thus they don’t use it.

I’m not the first, nor last person at my University who has dumped Endnote for Papers 3 over this simple issue alone.

Just wondering if anyone from Thomson Reuters actually reads this and takes anything on board?

What is the update with this?

Why has this critical feature not been added to the iPad yet?

Yes, of course, we read and consider all of these comments. We are working to improve the PDF downloading feature but this is not a quick fix. 

Thanks for the input.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team