Endnote Hell

I simply wish to cite Jones (1964) instead of (Jones, 1964)…can some kind person tell me how to do this in Endnote XI please?

Select the reference. Click Edit References on Word’s EndNote toolbar. It’s the square brackets with a pencil. Click Exclude Author, then OK.

Thanks Tomholm, much appreciated. Do you then have to type the authors names in manually, is that right? :dizzy_face:

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That’s right. You first type <words> Jones {EndNote citation}. Next, format your references. Then do what I said on the previous post.

Do you want to use this format all the time - or only occassionally?  There is a thread that discusses ways to do this all the time, but you can only cite one paper at a time then. 


Just use numbers for your output, names of authors will only cludge your text anyway :wink:

Thanks Leanne, I will take a look at this thread too.



Thanks for your reply.


Thanks mate! I am very grateful for your solution,


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