Endnote - how to edit Intensive care medicine style to get rid of the last comma.

I am using the Intensive care medicine      Style.  Unfortunately he last author cited in the bibliography always comes up with a comma after the initial, which is not how it is in the journal.  Does anyone have a remedy on how i can edit this style in endnote to get rid of that one comma?

It is pretty easy to edit the Author and probably Editor listing in the Bibliography section to remove the comma (ensuring there is still a space) in the “last” columns.  So easy, I did it for you.  (next time this is done from Edit>outputstyles).

Open the attached and save as, you can keep this name (removing the word “copy”).  Then make sure you attach this new style to the document you are working in (on the Endnote ribbon in word.  You may have to browse (select another style) to see the new version, and select it from there. 
Intensive Care Medicine-no-comma.ens (11 KB)

hi Leanne, thanks - but it is the comma after the LAST author’s initial I want to get rid of (the comma just before the date)  Is there a way to do that? 

(The style you have done has edited out the comma between the last and second last author, which we require…it is the comma after the last named author / editor which precedes the date that we want to edit out)

thanks Lynn

Thanks again Leanne, this issue has now been resolved (via Endnote technical support) …I would love to know what they changed under edit style Intensive care medicine to take out the comma after the last authors initial, i had tried all i could think of in bibliography author / editor & punctuation fields under edit style and still had the issue…  This is a wonderful forum / resource, thanks again Lynn

glad to hear that, I was busy, and was about to fix it for you.  attach the new one…and old one - and I will have a look for you?