Endnote inserts abbreviated first names before the last names

Hi Experts,

I am finding it difficult to understand my endnote operations. Some of the citations in the body of my work come with abbreviated first names before the last names. I thought in APA6th, only the last names should appear in the body of write-ups while the last names and abbreviated first names appear in the reference list.

Fo instance my citatatioan appear as follows

(C. E. Borio & Drehmann, 2009; G. J. Schinasi, 2005; M. G. J. Schinasi, 2004),

instead of (Borio&Drehmann, 2009; Schinasi, 2005; Schinasi, 2004)

Please I need your help

Kind regards


Hi Ify

APA does add initials (and even forenames) in some situations in order to distinguish authors with the same surname. See http://blog.apastyle.org/apastyle/2014/01/when-to-use-author-initials-for-text-citations.html

EndNote attempts the best it can to comply with APA requirements. For an explanation (and possible solutions), see http://endnote.com/kb/82224